Molgard Law is a full service law firm. At Molgard Law clients are not just another client or another dollar like at other law firms. Molgard Law staff work to create a personal connection with our clients. We want to help clients through the personal troubled waters that they are experiencing.

Located in Brigham City, Utah, Molgard Law serves clients all over Northern Utah and have helped clients as far away as St. George. No matter where a client lives or where their problems occur, Molgard Law is willing to help.

Molgard Law began in 1969, when Jack H. Molgard graduated from law school at the University of Utah. Having grown up and spent his entire life in Northern Utah, Jack decided to hang his shingle in Brigham City and has been serving clients in Northern Utah ever since.

In 2005, Jack’s nephew, Malone H. Molgard began law school at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Washington. Malone worked for Jack during the summers, during summer breaks and after he graduated in 2008 and began studying for the bar exam. Today, Jack and Malone are partners and work most cases together to ensure that clients get more than one perspective on their case.
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