Adoptions are usually very positive and Molgard Law loves to be a part of uniting children with families. No matter what the situation Molgard Law has the expertise to direct clients through the legal ins and outs of adoptions whether in District Court or Juvenile Court.
Molgard Law is able to help clients with all of their bankruptcy needs. Molgard Law can assess each clients needs, answer their questions, and help the client file either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy while educating the client on the difference between the two. Bankruptcy law is very complicated, but Molgard Law will help the client from pre-filing all the way through the meeting of creditors and beyond until the case is closed.
Whether a client is in a dispute with a business partner, dissolving a business, or creating a business Molgard Law can answer all questions that clients might have. They will
assist the client in getting a business registered with the State and prepare documents that will protect all Parties from future disputes.
Molgard Law will help clients prepare contracts, review contracts, or dispute contracts. Whatever the client’s needs, Molgard Law can provide the client with assurance when
it comes to complicated legal contracts.
When a client is charged with a crime, they almost always become inundated with mailings from attorneys making all kinds of promises. Every client is different and every case has facts specific to that case. Molgard Law treats each case as unique realizing the outcome may be different for every client. Molgard Law will make sure that the outcome is the
most beneficial for the client in both the short term and the long term as the consequences of criminal charges can be long lasting.
Family law is very complex and there are many facets of
family law. No matter if the case involves divorce, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, child custody, visitation, child support, paternity, or alimony, Molgard Law can help a client maneuver the legal system.
Molgard Law often speaks to groups regarding the importance of estate planning. Most clients want to ensure that what is left of their estate after they die is dispersed
according to their wishes and with the least amount of conflict between those they leave their estate. Molgard Law can help clients prepare so that the Courts do not become involved, wasting time and money, and preventing conflict between children. Molgard Law takes time with their clients and ensures that their wishes and desires are met. Each estate is different and they should be treated differently.
Immigrations is ever changing with the political climate. Molgard Law can help clients maneuver the complex immigration laws. Molgard Law realizes that in many cases
immigration cases involve keeping families together.
Real Estate law is a very broad area of law and often overlaps with other areas of law including, family law and contract law. Whether the problem is boundary disputes, right of way issues, contract issues, or landlord tenant issues, Molgard Law can answer all of the client’s questions and provide guidance and help obtaining relief.
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